Registration for WPMC 2011 (3-7 oct)

September 30. Online registration is now CLOSED. Late registrations will now be only possible at the registration desk within the Le Quartz venue.

First of all, a note for authors: we don't use the EDAS registration system, but instead the registration system provided by the Le Quartz venue where the symposium is being held. Thus, when you register (see how it works below), you will not see any validation within the EDAS system, as both systems are not connected. EDAS system is used only for the paper workflow (reviewing, editing...).

About tutorials (on Monday): 4 tutorials are proposed in parallel. It is only possible to follow a maximum of 2 tutorials for a given person. Please note the T1...T4 label of the tutorial(s) you want to follow before checking the registration page or PDF form. T1...T4 labels are found near the tutorial title on the tutorial page you will want to read first!

Students will be happy to know that they have free access to any tutorial, as long as they have registered (as any rate) to the main conference! Registration is mandatory. Tick the tutorial(s) you choose (T1-T4).

Registration process

The registration process is as follows:

  1. you can either use the online registration page above, of use the PDF form and send it us by email. Student ID Card (International Student ID Card) must be scanned and sent to us by email (if for any reason you don't have such an ID Card, please ask your professor to provide an official letter). Authors must give one EDAS paper ID they are registering for (please see the FAQ below). All this must be done before Wednesday 28th september. Your contact for this part of the process is Celine Romain @ Sopab, who is working at the Le Quartz venue (her address is given in both online and PDF forms).
  2. your form (including paiement) will then be checked and approved. This is a manual process done by Celine. Please note that we are in holidays during the summer in France, and this may take some time. When checked and approved, you will gain access to your data with your login and password (at the online link to the registration page above).
  3. in the meanwhile, you (Authors and Participants) can ask for the invitation letter for Visa purposes. Don't wait the end of the above (2) part of the process. Ask your invitation letter to [email protected] from now on. (please provide us with your complete name and address and university/company/... information. Authors, please  give us the paper you registered for as well)
  4. check for your accommodation too. [email protected] is here to help you understand which hotels are where, but the hotel registration is on your own.

Registration fees

First of all, a FAQ for authors having submitted multiple papers, and/or authors being Ph.D students. The conference rules (which is IEEE ComSoc co-sponsored) are the following:

  • every accepted paper must be presented: this means that every author of a paper who is registering to attend the conference has to give the EDAS paper ID in the form. In case of multiple papers possibility, please read carefully the next rules.
  • at least one registration at the reduced or full rate should be made for each paper: this means that every paper presented by a student (using student rate) must be also linked to someone with a full or reduced rate. If it is not possible for a given paper presented by a student to be linked to a full or reduced rate participant, the student must be registered him/herself with full or reduced rate. One registration counts for one paper.
  • co-authors of multiple papers must then carefully choose which paper they are registering for, in order to the above two rules to remain true
  • note that we want to have sessions full of participants working together. This means that we encourage authors of multiple papers to present one of these papers and let co-authors present the others papers. Multiple paper authors will be happy then to attend different sessions in parallel.
  • in the case of real impossibility to obey these standard rule, please contact [email protected] with all possible information (ID papers, authors, already done registrations a.s.o)


Here are the fees for any participants:



Conference Registration
One day registration
Tutorial Registration


Full rate

Reduced rate (*)

Student rate (**)

Half day tutorial

Full day tutorial

Early Registration
Until September 12th


600 €

500 €

200 €


100 €

200 €

Late Registration
From Sept 13th


700 €

600 €

300 €

250 €

100 €

200 €

Regular registration includes:

  • Access to WPMC sessions and workshops on 4-6 October 2011
  • Proceedings (USB Flash-disk)
  • Conference rucksack with contents
  • WPMC brochure with paper abstracts
  • Lunch and coffee break on 4-6 October 2011
  • Welcome Reception and Banquet

(*) Reduced rate : The reduced rate is granted to IEEE members, SEE Members, NICT, YRP, Pôle Images & Réseaux, TBI and Télécom Institute members

(**) Student rate : At least one registration at the reduced or full rate should be made for each paper

Student registration includes:

  • Access to WPMC sessions and workshops  on 4-6 October 2011
  • Proceedings (USB Flash-disk)
  • WPMC brochure with paper abstracts
  • Conference rucksack with contents
  • Lunch and coffee break on 4-6 October 2011
  • Welcome Reception
  • free access to any tutorial

One day registration includes:

  • Access to technical WPMC sessions or Workshop on the selected day
  • Proceedings (USB Flash-disk)
  • Lunch, morning and afternoon coffee break on the selected day

Note that social events are not included in the one day registration fee. Tickets to the Welcome Reception and the 5-october social event can be bought separately.




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