Instructions for poster presentations

Your paper has been scheduled in a poster session during the main conference WPMC. Poster sessions provide a more intimate forum for exchange than do regular technical sessions. Your well-constructed poster will be self-explanatory and free you from answering obvious questions so that you are available to supplement and discuss particular points of interest.

Key success factors are coverage and clarity.

Coverage: provide all the obvious information: a title/author label and abstract, + brief statements of introduction, method, subjects, procedure, results, and conclusions. Ask yourself, "What would I need to know if I were viewing this material for the first time?" and then state that information clearly.

Clarity: Make the sequence of information evident and keep it simple. Place your major points in the poster and save the nonessential but interesting sidelights for the informal discussions. Your final conclusions or summary should emphasize your most important findings.

Guidelines for Presenters

Poster boards mounted on stands are provided by WPMC. Participants should plan to place their materials on the poster board at the begining of the poster day, and leave them all the whole day.

Poster boards accept only Velcro adhesive pads (see an exemple an this vendor site), or blutack. Velcro pads will be available at the registration desk, in case you don't have yours.

No thumbtacks or pins allowed. Doubled faced adhesive is not recommended. It is not possible to write or draw on the poster boards.

Rigid posters with eyelets can be fixed on the board thanks to hooks provided by the venue staff. Please ask at the register desk soon enough.

As your paper will be on the USB key offered to each participant, there is no need to have paper copies to distribute to the observers. On-site reproduction is not available.

Electrical outlets, projection equipment are not provided near your poster board. All useful graphics must be drawn on your poster. You may find useful to have a tablet or sketch paper to show more materials if needed.

Requirements for Making Posters

The poster board surface area is 2,30m high and 0.95m wide (and not 1m as previously written). You will prepare a label indicating the title of your paper and the author(s) for the top of your poster. The lettering for this section should not be less than 3cm high. You may have a copy of your abstract (300 words or less), in large typescript, in the most visible corner of the poster board.

A0 size should fine, and can be done with assembly of several A4 or A3 pages.

Bear in mind that your illustrations will be viewed from distances of 1m or more. All lettering should be at least 1cm high, preferably in a bold font, or if hand-lettered, written with a regular felt-tip pen (not fine-point). Be sure to provide clear labels for each section of your presentation.




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