14th International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications

The theme of the 14th International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications is "Communications, Networking and Applications for the Internet of Things". In addition to high-class technical sessions, the Symposium will feature three workshops, tutorials as well as product exhibits.

The scope of the Symposium includes, but is not limited to, 4 main topics: transmission technologies, wireless networks, applications & services, systems & regulation.



  • Opportunistic and cognitive radios
  • MIMO techniques and smart adaptive antennas
  • Multiplexing and multiple access schemes
  • Radio propagation and channel modeling
  • SDR and other implementation technologies
  • Wireless optical communications
  • Underwater communications


  • Convergence of networks and future network topologies
  • DTN, Ad-hoc and sensor networks
  • Co-operative communications
  • Techniques for capacity and range extension
  • Wireless mesh networks
  • Energy-Aware Network Architecture
  • Cross layer optimization
  • Radio resource management and spectrum management
  • Broadcasting for Mobile applications
  • Satellite mobile communications
  • Trustworthy Networks, Privacy and Security Models


  • Experiments, trials and deployment
  • User-centric services
  • Quality of Experience
  • Location and identification based services
  • Mobile multimedia and mobile TV
  • Wellness and healthcare
  • Terrestrial and Maritime ITS applications
  • Emergency telecommunications
  • ICT for energy efficiency
  • Communication and Network Technologies for new services
  • Wireless Cloud


  • Mobile cellular systems future development
  • Spectrum policies, sharing and coexistence
  • Harmonization and systems coexistence


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